Inthira Munion is a lady next door who makes impactful changes to people in a humble way. She is one of the top youth transformational coaches in recent years and a Certified Professional Trainer. Inthira’s work is embraced by international youth development organisations like AIESEC, SBB, Abroad Internships (The Netherlands), and many others more. Inthira is the Founder & CEO of Leadpedia Sdn. Bhd. – a global brand that guides youth to discover & sculpt their passion, empower and transform to be the best in their niche. She trains youths in personal developmental skills and professional competencies necessary for millennials to excel in their career, regardless under employment or entrepreneurial journey.

Her training and coaching have helped young generations improve their thinking skills and productivity 50 – 80% in just 30 days. Through a combo of mindset, communication, and leadership skills coaching, Inthira has championed in guiding youths in expediting their personal and professional triumph – discovering their niche through self-establishment, cultivate and enhance their capacity and pursue their ultimate goals.  

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Her Story

Inthira is a B.A. (Hons.) in Accounting with Finance graduate from University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland. Nevertheless, she has not stopped her learning journey right there – Inthira has constantly invested in her capacity building through various certification programs, training, and masterclasses. She is an author-to-be for a flavourful book that will serve the young generation to upskill themselves in leadership skills to build their career sustainability. She has served several roles from junior position to senior management level posts. With her more than a decade working experience in the corporate world – internationally and locally, she has developed her passion in uplifting people around her through her influential leadership skills. As a role model, she has touched many lives with positivity and empowered them with a great set of skills. She was brave enough to bring her passion to the next level by establishing Leadpedia Sdn. Bhd.

When the whole world faced economic downturn during the pandemic in Y2020, Inthira sealed lucrative deals for her signature youth transformational programs with international alliances. Her vast experience, knowledge and strong core values were recognised by her new clients across the globe.

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Her Philanthropic Journey

As a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Strategist for many corporates and organisations, Inthira believes that:

Nurture a child today to build the nation tomorrow. Every child should be given equal opportunity to live. Inthira is highly devoted to empowering and transforming the underserved children via quality education to break their poverty cycle.

Since young, her parents preached a selfless ideology with a strong statement “Do something for someone in need of something”. She was always part of the family’s charitable affairs. Inthira started her independent social service as young as 18 years old whilst many at her age were still figuring out what to do next in their lives. Her social service began while she was young and played vital role in establishing an NGO in Malaysia; Agathians Shelter, back in 2003. She was nominated & selected to serve the organisation after the sudden demise of the Founder in 2014. Shouldering heavy responsibility to manage an organisation which was in a totally different working environment and field can never be an easy decision to make by anyone. Yet, she had the audacity to head the entire organisation under her leadership without second thought.

Within 5 years of her successful administration, Agathians Shelter was recognised locally and internationally for its best practices in process flow, operational structure, and successful projects execution in community development initiatives. Inthira has been awarded as Best Social Worker for the year 2019 by Kalam Foundation, SPT International Peace Awards 2019 who recognises her noble work from 4 different countries.

Do you want to be part of Inthira’s effort? Would you want to feel the warmth within you when you make a huge difference even in one child in this world? Inthira raises funds from around the world to support underprivileged children. And for this, she needs everyone to join hands to make it real. Give a Chance, See the Change! 


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