How many of you were reluctant to raise your hands when teachers asked a question? Do you step back when asked to deliver a speech in front of your college principal? Are you the one who gets anxiety attack when face the crowd? Have you ever sat down and bowed your head, hiding in embarrassment?

You told yourself, “I’m never ever going to humiliate myself again!”

Most of us had painful experiences speaking in front of a crowd. Due to those experiences in the past, we have become afraid of presenting our ideas.

The truth is, none of us are born afraid of presentation. Babies are confident creatures that speak what’s on their mind regardless of other people’s opinions.

Unfortunately, as we’re growing up, society has conditioned us to think before we speak and to say “politically” correct words.

What A Powerful Presentation Can Achieve?

Ironically, presentation skills are also one of the most important skills that can accelerate your career, relationships, and life. In fact, two of the most in-demand soft skills depend on how well your presentation skills are, which are persuasion and collaboration.

This is what a powerful presentation can do for you:

  • If you want to implement a new idea in your organization, a powerful presentation can influence everyone to support you.
  • If you want to convince your manager to approve your emergency leave, a powerful presentation can help you get approval immediately.
  • If you want to ask your crush on a date, a powerful presentation can give you an amazing first impression and land you a date.